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(After Dee's accidental trip to the Nexus and Doc's subsequent discovery of her, the two head back to the mini-Rift pocket and the Gauche. Doc gets Victor outside, introduces Dee as a new resident, and has Marty and Alice quickly PINpoint in. The following results:)

Dee: "Marty!"

Marty: "Whoa! Uh, hi kid."

Dee: "Hi." *all smiles* "Sorry, miss, I don't know your name."

Alice: "It's Alice. Nice to meet you." *curtsy*

Dee: "Nice to meet you too!"

Marty: "Er, Doc? Who is this?"

Victor: "Yes, you didn't properly explain before. Just that -- we have a new resident here?"

Doc: "Well, Marty, Victor, Alice -- this is Dee. She's -- well, she's my daughter-slash-time machine."

Victor: "Your what?!"

Marty: "Doc, how on earth could--"

Dee: "I am!" *transform* *honk*

Marty: "HOLY SHIT!"

Victor: "Goodness!"

Alice: "Bloody hell! Er, excuse my language."

Marty: "I don't think any of us care, Alice. Jesus Christ, Doc, how -- that's the car that came through the Rift, right?"

Dee: "Exactly. Remember what I told you? The Rift changes everyone? Well, you can add to that every thing too."

Victor: "Oh my. . .and I thought the powers it gave me were peculiar."

Marty: "They still are, Victor, but yeah, I gotta agree -- this way outranks that. You -- said her name was Dee, Doc?"

Doc: "Short for DeLorean. She seems to think that's her name, and. . ." *shrug*

Dee: *transform back* "Dad says I can't get back home, at least not for now, so I get to stay here with all of you! Or, uh, Dad and Victor. Do you live here too, Alice?"

Alice: "No, I live back in my own world. And Wonderland, when I can slip away."

Dee: "Wonderland?"

Doc: "I'll get you the books later, Dee. They're quite good reads."

Dee: "Oh, okay Dad. Where do you live, Marty?"

Marty: "Back in my and Doc's home universe -- for some insane reason, he can't get back in."

Dee: *shocked* "Huh?!"

Doc: *rushing to be reassuring* "Won't necessarily hold true for you, Dee. I may be an anomaly because I went straight from another dimension to this one. I suppose we could try sending Victor back home. . . ."

Victor: "Um -- if it's all the same to you, I'd rather not."

Doc: "Wait, what?"

Dee: "Why not? Don't you want to go home?"

Victor: *as Alice blushes* "Actually, not that much. You see, I think the girl whom my parents arranged for me to marry and the young corpse lady I accidentally proposed to may be a little upset when I tell them I have a girlfriend."

Doc, Marty, Dee: ". . ."

Victor: "Yes, my love life is needlessly complicated."

Marty: "Tell me about it. I thought my Fetch having a girlfriend was weird enough."

Dee: *confused* "Fetch?"

Marty: "He's -- sort of a copy of me. You want to take this, Doc?"

Doc: "Yes, I do need to tell her. Why don't we go inside, have some food, and then we can explain what happened to Marty and me, and how Victor and Alice joined our little group."

Dee: "Is this going to be weirder than Biff altering time and choosing November 12th, 1955 to do it?"

Doc: "Actually, Dee -- yes. Much weirder."

Dee: "Ooof."

(So yes, welcome to the family, Dee.)

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